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Planning and consulting with a focus on customer benefits

We create individual service profiles with a targeted focus on customer benefits. On request, we can create customized concepts to further increase your productivity.

As the customer’s needs often change and expand during the course of the project, we address all eventualities in advance through intentional support and constant questioning.


Planning and consulting

With KÖBO ECO>PROCESS focuses on customer-centered planning. Our individual service profiles are specifically tailored to your needs. Depending on your needs, we develop customized concepts that will increase your productivity in the long term.

Flexibility is crucial, as customer requirements can change during project execution. We meet these changes proactively through targeted support and continuous scrutiny.

Our services are based on proven “classic maintenance measures” such as regular inspections, servicing and repairs. The focus here is on maintaining and optimizing

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Value retention
  • Security

of your system in the foreground.

Service - Planung und Beratung

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Measures and recommendations

In addition, as part of our maintenance work, we also provide information on all measures and recommendations for

  • Improving efficiency
  • Modernization of your system
  • Optimization of energy use
  • Reduction of environmental pollution

Thanks to our decades of experience, high level of expertise and the use of qualified processes and methods, we guarantee the perfect functioning of your systems.

The resulting availability optimization leads to an enormous gain in productivity – while you can concentrate on your core business without disruption.

Unser Service - Maßnahmen und Empfehlungen

Our service

Insight into our service portfolio

We offer professional assembly and disassembly with a wide range of expertise and state-of-the-art techniques for the effective implementation of your systems.

We carry out the commissioning of our systems, which means that our customers can rely on the perfect functioning of the systems as well as support during mechanical and electrical commissioning

We always keep the right original spare parts for our systems in stock and ensure fast delivery to the destination to ensure smooth repairs

We guarantee trouble-free operation through professional maintenance and repair using only original spare parts for the highest production standards

We offer qualified support for conversion measures, extensions or changes of use of your system or components, including advice on energy efficiency, safety and process changes as well as assistance before, during and after commissioning or conversion of the systems

We support you with professional training on the correct operation and functioning of the systems to provide you with the best possible support during commissioning

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