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Cleaning of cooling lubricants

When machining metal workpieces, cooling lubricants such as oils, emulsions or solutions are often used to provide the necessary cooling, lubrication, rinsing and preservation.

Inadequate cooling lubricant treatment leads to negative effects such as

  • High temperature rise due to insufficient recooling or reduced lubricating effect
  • Insufficient removal of metallic abrasion or impurities
  • Poor surface quality and low production speed
  • High wear on the tools/rollers
  • Short service life and high downtimes
  • High operating and maintenance costs

Proper preparation of these fluids is essential to maintain the positive cooling lubricant properties.

Depending on the application, the KÖBO ECO>PROCESS GmbH offers various filter and separation systems, ranging from decentralized solutions to turnkey central systems.

The selection of the appropriate treatment process depends on various process-related factors and requires a great deal of experience.

Proper cleaning of cooling lubricants should be taken into account as early as the planning stage of production facilities. We at KÖBO ECO>PROCESS GmbH will be pleased to support you in the planning and realization of a modern and economical coolant preparation system for the:
  • Extension of the service life of the cooling lubricant and thus also a reduction in negative environmental impacts
  • economical operation of the production processes:
  • Reduced friction during cutting, grinding or forming
  • Optimized heat dissipation
  • safe removal of the impurities
  • Lower replacement costs for tools and rollers due to the improved service life
  • Recycling of recyclable materials wherever possible
Reinigung der Kühlschmierstoffe
Filterlösungen für Standard- und Feinstfiltration

We also supply separators, filters and turnkey systems for the:

  • Cooling lubricant cleaning
  • Cleaning gear oil
  • Treatment of wash water

For many processing methods, standard filtration up to approx. 30 µm particle size is sufficient. Large volume flows can be cleaned.

Pressure band filters (DBF) or vacuum band filters (UBF) are often used for this purpose. The operation of these filter aid-free systems works with circulating filter belts or with fiber fleece as a filter medium.

This results in less waste, which is economical and protects the environment.
The automated addition of additives such as defoamers, biocides, etc. increases the range of applications for cooling lubricants.

Our filter solutions are suitable for standard and ultra-fine filtration for volume flows between 200-30,000 l/min. Our filter technology solutions offer cleaning stages with single or multiple filters connected in parallel, which, depending on the respective process parameters, enable a degree of solids separation of less than 10 µm.