Scrap transport

KÖBO ECO>PROCESS GmbH has once again succeeded in convincing a customer of our capabilities this year.

For the removal of punching scrap from the forming processes for steel and aluminum sheets, we planned and successfully implemented a turnkey conveyor belt system together with a fully automatic loading station.

Among other things, slat-band conveyors and swivel chutes were installed, whereby an additional conveyor path made it possible to load material by type.

By means of movable conveyors and special rotary chutes, a uniform filling of a total of four wagons standing in the loading hall was made possible.

The total length of the slat-band conveyors installed is 120 meters, with a belt width of 1500 mm.

In one hour it is thus possible to transport up to 44 tons of aluminum stamped scrap!

Our conveyor system ensures responsible use of resources, which benefits not only our customer but also the environment.

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