KÖBO ECO>PROCESS push bar conveyor

The push bar conveyor is a proven conveying system which helps to cover transport distances of up to 200 m without any problems. The application of the push bar conveyor is economical and reasonable. It is suitable for the transportation of e.g.

  • turnings
  • short and long chips
  • spiral-shaped chips
  • chip bundles

Chip transport without additional flushing nozzles

The cross section of the push bar conveyor can be adjusted in width and height. This allows large amounts of cooling lubricant (up to > 10.000 l/min) to be transported. Compared with flushing channels, transportation of chips by the conveying bar without additional flushing nozzles is ensured.

Hydraulic power pack impels push bar conveyors

The push bar conveyor is driven by a hydraulic power pack developed by Köbo. Due to the special control technology and the design of the hydraulic cylinder, up to 4 push bar conveyors can be operated with a single aggregate by providing the full power of the hydraulic pump to each conveyor simultaneously. The motor capacity is determined by the amount of power required.

Conveying bar maintains its lane

Our conveying bar is positively driven. Thus, it is not able to bend upwards or to the side. Faults, accidents or possible consequential damages are thereby excluded. The rectangular conveying bar is made of drawn manganese-containing special steel and equipped with a continuous anti-slide protection (protected by patent). Due to the vertical and horizontal bow sticks, chips can be conveyed on these levels. The vertical deflection is particularly well suited for separating cooling lubricants from chips.

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