KÖBO ECO>PROCESS hinged belt conveyor

The hinged belt conveyors are ideal conveying means for the transport of turnings, either with or without coolants, either in bushy or in broken form.  

Hinged plates for KÖBO ECO>PROCESS conveying technology

The hinged plates of our conveyors have a sheet thickness from 2 to 5 mm or even thicker, if necessary for particular cases. Our standard belt widths are 304 mm, 456 mm and 608 mm. The overlapping side edges arranged on the left and right side have a standard thickness from 3 to 5 mm and heights of 40 mm (pitch of 63 mm) and 80 mm (pitches from 125 to 160 mm). Moreover, the side edges are used for the division of the belt so that various materials can be conveyed simultaneously.

Easy and economical maintenance

The hinged plate conveyor is designed in such a way that the supporting plates are freely accessible once the cover panel has been removed. Thus, maintenance can be carried out easily and in a cost-saving manner.

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