KÖBO ECO>PROCESS vacuum belt filter for CL standard filtration

The vacuum belt filter (VBF) is a fully automated cooling lubricant filter that receives continuously contaminated cooling lubricants from the return flow of the production. Filter pumps or system pumps which are connected to the bottom suction chamber exhaust cooling lubricants (CL) through the filter medium, clean it and make it again available for the supply of the production. The filtered dirt cake is then exported for the chip removal.


  • Top dirt chamber for intake of cooling lubricants (CL) contaminated with dirt particles
  • Horizontal filter belt layer as a separation between the top dirt chamber and the bottom filtrate suction chamber
  • Bottom filtrate suction chamber (vacuum chamber) for intake of cleaned cooling lubricants with a connection to the filter pump(s) or system pump(s)
  • Filter medium: circulating filter belt or nonwoven fabric
  • Modular system: short installation and set-up times

Functional principle:

  • Fully automatic
  • Continuous operation
  • Filtering by means of vacuum build-up in the bottom filtrate suction chamber and the flow of cooling lubricants through the filter media
  • Initiation of a filter regeneration by vacuum measurement or time lapse
  • Fully automatic belt-cleaning by means of a rapper shaft and belt-flushing
  • Flushing of the filtrate suction chamber prevents sludge being deposited.