KÖBO ECO>PROCESS pressure belt filter for CL standard filtration

The pressure belt filter (PBF) is a fully automated cooling lubricant filter which is discontinuously fed with soiled cooling lubricants by means of filter pump pressure. The cleaning of cooling lubricants is effected by a circulating or reversing filter medium. After it has freely run off into a clean tank, it can be used for the supply of the production again. The filtered dirt cake is blown dry in the pressure belt filter and is then exported for the chip removal.


  • Top dirt chamber / Pressure chamber for intake of cooling lubricants (CL) contaminated with dirt particles equipped with the pressure monitoring.  Intake through a filter pump
  • Horizontal filter belt layer as a separation between the top pressure chamber and the bottom filtrate run-off chamber
  • Bottom filtrate run-off chamber for intake of cleaned cooling lubricants
  • On both sides frontal fixing sealing caps, pneumatically actuated
  • Filtrate run-off to the site or down
  • Completely pre-assembled, short installation and set-up times

Functional principle:

  • Fully automatic
  • Continuous operation
  • Filtering by means of pressure in the top pressure chamber and the flow of cooling lubricants through filter the media into the filter run-off chamber
  • Initiation of a filter regeneration by pressure measurement or time lapse
  • Blowing-dry of the dirt cake before it gets exported
  • Fully automatic belt-cleaning by means of a rapper shaft and belt-flushing
  • Circulating or reversing filter belt, alternatively by use of nonwoven fabric