KÖBO ECO>PROCESS CL temperature control

The CL temperature control keeps cooling lubricants or other liquid media used for the supply of consumers (machines, testing benches) at a given temperature.  Another possibility is to regulate it according to the room temperature. It relates to the process of either cooling or heating of the cleaned medium. The medium which temperature has to be controlled is directed to the heat exchanger units and is there cooled by means of cooling/cold water or heated by means of hot water.

Temperature control in bypass

Temperature control is performed by quantitative control of the flow rates adapted to the minimal energy consumption. In some cases, the use of electrical heating elements is possible. Temperature control can be implemented in bypass via separate cooling or heating pumps at the clean tank, or at the system flow, or in the system full flow.

Cooling lubricant: constant temperature

During facility start-up, the entire cooling lubricant is brought up to the temperature needed for production before the process of production begins. During manufacturing processes, it is hold at the required temperature level.