KÖBO ECO>PROCESS chip pre-separator for CL standard filtration

Chip pre-separators absorb contaminated cooling lubricants supplied by the production. They hold rough chips and/or large amounts of chips and sludge. In this way, they relieve the downstream filter systems. The separated chips are conveyed by a chain conveyor to the chip drop and are then exported. The pre-cleaned cooling lubricant is supplied for the further filtering.

Individual functions of chip pre-separators 

The functional principles are variable. Chip sedimentation can be complemented functionally by an additional separation over the surface of the slotted sieve hidden behind. Separation of chips as a form separation over the surface of the slotted sieve positioned below - without sedimentation - is also possible. It offers technical benefits especially for separation of light or (possibly) floating chips. The pre-cleaned cooling lubricant continues to run automatically further to the downstream filter systems. It can be exhausted by means of pumps and fed to the filter systems.