Back-flushing filter for CL standard filtration

Back-flushing filters can be applied for a variety of purposes, e.g.

  • as a main filter stage  (downstream of a chip pre-separator)
  • as a fine filter stage (downstream of a belt filter)
  • and/or to protect the machines against dirt supply in the case of a breakthrough of the main filter stage

Back-flushing filter with intelligent technology

The contaminated cooling lubricant is cleaned in a single-chamber or multi-chamber system by flushable filter cartridges. The back-flushing takes place without reducing the flow rate. The medium to be filtered flows from the sieve or slot tissue through the filter cartridges. Thereby, dirt particles contained in the cooling lubricant are hold and filtered out.  

Compressed-air-supported back-flushing

After the set differential pressure has been achieved or the maximum filter time has expired, a compressed-air-supported back-flushing of contaminated cartridges is carried out. This CL dirt suspension is forwarded to a secondary filtration. The flushed cartridges can be used for filtration again. Depending on the application, mesh width of the back-flushing filter cartridges for nominal filtration rates varies between 20 µm and 60 µm (retention rate approx. 90 %).